Murtad Mama is a former Muslim from Malaysia, and is now agnostic. Check out her testimonial of why she left Islam.

She also has her own website.

Articles by her:

Malaysian Identity Cards (explains how Malaysia is following the example of the Taliban, by displaying the religion of the individual on their identity cards)

Famous Ex-Muslims:Name Country of Origin Gender Current Belief Website
Ibn Warraq Pakistan M Agnostic SecularIslam. org
Taslima Nasrin Bangladesh F Atheist TaslimaNasrin. com
Ali Sina Iran M Atheist FaithFreedom. org
Parvin Darabi Iran F Atheist
Nonie Darwish (Middle East) F Christian NonieDarwish. com
Anwar Shaikh Pakistan M Liberal Humanist

Other ex-Muslims:Name/nick Country of Origin Gender,
Age/Age group Left Islam on/in *: Current Belief Email(click @)/
Web site (WWW)
Murtad Mama Malaysia F, 21-30 N/A Agnostic @ – WWW
Hale U.S.A M N/A Hinduism
Abul Kasem Bangladesh M N/A Atheist @ – WWW
Shabbir Ahmed Bangladesh M N/A Atheist
Amin Malaysia M, 21-30 N/A Atheist
M.A.Hussain India M, 41-50 N/A Atheist @ – WWW
Dr. A. A. Ahmed Sudan M, 41-50 N/A Christianity @
Taqui ur Rahman India M, 21-30 N/A Atheist
Crow U.S.A F, 18 N/A Agnostic
Pharnazathres U.K. M, 21-30 N/A Theist
Pablo Fanques U.S.A M, 22 N/A Bagist @
Saira Pakistan F, 43 N/A Universal Spirituality
Sheraz Malik Pakistan M, 24 N/A Atheist
M. F. Mughal Pakistan M, 50+ N/A Atheist @ – WWW
Ayesha Ahmed India F, 23 2002 Atheist
Ben Rukhsana U.K. M, 24 March 2003 Agnostic @
Adam Malaysia M, 27 August 2001 Christianity @
Shitan Saudi Arabia F, 51 Since childhood Theist
Fariel Bangladesh F, 29 In my Childhood Atheist
Ellen U.K. F, 31-40 June 2003 Sikhism
Marianne Malaysia F, 31-40 Christianity
Salim Hussain U.K. M, 26 2003 Agnostic
Dreamer Pakistan M, 21-30 2002 (exploring)
Quest Pakistan M, 21-30 1998 Agnostic @
Bread China M, 29 July 1, 2003 Agnostic
Jamshed Afghanistan M, 21-30 1999 Agnostic
Amanda Ueta U.K. F, 27 Jan 2003 Judaism
Fatima Morocco F, 28 2000 Atheist
Hussein Egypt M, 45 2001 Agnostic
Julia Potter Egypt F, 11-20 Sep., 2003 Agnostic
Ahmed BenKerishan U.A.E M, 38 2001 Atheist @
Maria Mexico F, 21-30 09/24/03 Theist
Mimi Morocco M, 24 18/01/2000 Atheist @
surfer1 Egypt M, 28 2001 Agnostic
Mamduh (Prince of Egypt) Egypt M, 17 Oct. 7, 2003 Atheist
Mustafa Khan India M, 31-40 2000 Atheist
Paz USA F, 21-30 1999 Agnostic @ – WWW
Dima Palestine F, 19 1/10/2003 Christianity
Nafion South Africa M, 31-40 4 years ago Theist
Rebecca U.K. F, 20 2002 Humanist
A.N. Bangladesh M, 21-30 Since childhood
Shamal Malaysia M, 31-40 1987-1992 Christianity
Degheygh Malaysia M, 34 1985 Atheist
Arrianna Malaysia F, 21-30 Atheist @
Adnan Pakistan M, 21-30 1999 Agnostic
Dendel Belgium M, 29 1984 Atheist @
Dionisio (Denis) Giron U.S.A. M, 25 Sep. 1999 Atheist @
Ibn Rushd Canada F, 21 Oct. 2001 Jewish-Atheist
Imran Hossain Bangladesh M, 22 April 2003 Humanist @
Arshad Ahmed India M, 25 1990-91 Atheist
Ahmed India M, 31-40 May 2003 Atheist
Sadamn Refos Sudan M, 34 Jan 1999 Christianity @
Sinbad India M, 34 08/12/2003 Christianity
Fars Iran F, 31-40 1984 Christianity @
JoeBlack Tunisia M 1996 Atheist
Mohamed Fayçal Algeria M, 21-30 1996-1997 Satanism @ – WWW
Sweetlullaby F, 22 2003 Atheist @
Lyalpuri Pakistan M, 31-40 1970ies Christianity
Mansoor India Hinduism
Suat U.S.A. M, 21-30 Feb 2003 Atheist
Crazy Train Syria M Ramadan, 2003 Atheist
abugahl Mid East M, 31-40 1985 Atheist
Freedom Pakistan M, 31-40 1996 Non-specific spirituality
Arash Iran M, 26 2000 Human @
Kat U.S.A. F, 37 2003 Christianity
Clear Mind U.S.A. F, 43 1/1/2004
Jay Pakistan M, 37 2001 Atheist
Imran Quazi India M, 28 April 2002 Atheist @
Lazar Turkey M, 31-40 June 13, 2003 Christianity
Raelian Amanat Indonesia M, 31-40 Raelian
Mohamed Karim Labidi Tunisia M, 38 1999 Atheist @ – WWW
Khansaa Tunisia M, 24 1998 Atheist
Jay McAdam Pakistan M, 31-40 2001 Atheist
Jafar Iraq M, 16 1999 Atheist @
Ninetta Malaysia F, 31-40 1995 Agnostic
Awake U.S.A. F Feb 2004
Paars Ruby Malaysia F, 31-40 Atheist @
Margaret U.S.A. F, 31-40 March 2004 Christianity
Rafi India M, 31-40 Over last 4 yrs Agnostic
Esther U.K. F, 31-40 August 2003 Judaism
WL Cati U.S.A. F, 41-50 1997 Christianity @ – WWW
Maryam Egypt F, 20 April 2004 Christianity
Peace4u Germany F, 21-30 Feb 2004 Atheist @
K. G. Malik U.S.A. M, above 50 May 2004 Theist @
Saad Ahmed Pakistan M, 25 2002 Agnostic @
Shahrooz Iran M, 19 Youth Zoroastrianism
Amr ibn Hichem Tunisia M, 50 Early 70’s Agnostic @
Mounif Morocco M, 31 1990 Christianity @
ExMuslim Arab world M, 35 When I was 18 No religion
yasmin100 Pakistan F, 35 1990 Agnostic
Baig Pakistan M, 31-40 1998 Alien Theology @
Sipan Kurdistan M, 23 1994 Atheist
Waheed Pakistan M, 27 Nov/Dec 2002 Agnostic @
Cindy D. U.S.A. F, 47 May 2004 Undecided
Vladimir Turkey M, 21-30 1994 Christianity
Abdel Masih Egypt M, 36 1986 Christianity
X Muslim Syria M, 21 1994 Atheist
Ben Chaki M, 37 1996 Christianity
S S. Africa F, 27 2000 Hinduism @
Hany Firebird Egypt M, 20 1/1/2004 Atheist
Alperen Netherlands M, 26 2001 Humanism @
Haji Pakistan M, 39 1989 Atheist
African Dan UK M, 25 2/2/2005 Theist
Aisha A. S.E. Asia F, 30 9/11/01 Agnostic
The Murtad Indonesia M, 21-30 2004 Christianity
Black Mohammed U.S.A. M, 60 2000 Atheist
Ali Hasanee Pakistan M, 28 Summer 2000 Liberal Christian @
Metoo Morocco M, 28 2001 Atheist @
Raja Wahid Pakistan M, 41-50 March 2003 Agnostic @
Amr Lebanon/Palestine M, 21-30 11/2004 Christian @
Truth Seeker Morocco M, 19 11/2004 No Religion @
Salim Saudi Arabia M, 31-40 Since childhood Rationalist
Khaleda Zia Bangladesh F, 58 At sixteen Agnostic
Sabbir Ahmed Bangladesh M, 21-30 July 2004 Christianity
goingUnderground UK M, 41-50 2000 Christianity
Reza Nia Iran M, 27 1995 Atheist
Josh U.S.A. M, 23 August 2003 Atheist (Bright)
Imran Bangladesh M, 33 3/1/1999 Bhuddism @
Manikfan Maldives M, 48 Since childhood Atheist
Cynthia U.S.A. F, 28 10/2004 Christianity
Wahid Mohammed Saudi Arabia M, 36 27/12/04 Sikhism
Dibren Kurdistan F, 27 1990 Agnostic
Tuhan Malaysia M, 21-30 2002 Agnostic @
Ahmed Iraq M, 25 2000 Christianity @
Enlightened Pakistan M, 25 2004 Christianity
Cafer Azerbaijan M, 21-30 6/2004 Agnostic
Azad Pakistan M, 18 7/2003 Agnostic
Gared USA M, 25 1/1/2005 Christianity
Aba Lahb Kuwait M, 21-30 Atheist
Awwa7_2 Gulf M, 46 Since childhood Atheist
Parvaneh Iran F, 11-20 6 years ago Agnostic @
Ibn Zakaria Morocco M, 31-40 1994 Christianity
Badwi Egypt M, 41 1995 Theist
Mohib Morocco M, 31-40 1985 Christianity
Hamid Islam Renouncer Afghanistan M, 41-50 1981 Atheist
Abdullah Turkey M, 28 1997 Atheist
Clara Canada F, 33 12/2004 Christianity
Angie Malaysia F, 31-40 11/2004 Agnostic
Sarah USA F, 28 10 March 2005 Wicca @
Elie Germany M, 60 10 years ago Theist
Oya-bun Poland M, 50+ 1999 (three days after shahada) Bhuddism @
Khadija Leben Algeria F, 55 7/2004 Christianity
Sami Khan India M, 26 2004 Hinduism @
Ahmad Ali Egypt M, 21-30 5/2003 Atheist @
Hussam Al Dien Syria M, 23 Christianity @
Abu Al Masri Egypt M, 52 12/2001 Agnostic
Jefferson Morocco M, 21-30 Christianity @
Tamer Sarikan Turkey M, 40 Since Childhood Atheist
AB Pakistan F, 21-30 1999 Agnostic
The Pupeteer Kuwait M, 21-30 1999 Atheist
Islamichumanist Canada M 1998 Secular Humanism
Safsouf Egypt M, 19 10/2004 None
Adel Lebanon M, 24 2005 Christianity @
Melati Malaysia F, 31-40 11/2004 Agnostic @
Dawood South Africa M, 31-40 2001 Atheist @
Maryam Iran F, 50 1984 Christianity
Farhana Pakistan F, 29 1984 Atheist
Ozanf Turkey M, 21 2004 Christianity
Peter Graef Luckett USA M, 20 Still searching @
beezhan Iran M, 46 1996
yama Afghanistan M, 21-30 2003 Atheist @
Fadhail Singapore M, 18 Atheist
Akhtar Hussain Pakistan M, 42 15-2-2005 Christianity @
§ting Pakistan M, 19 Atheist
Blue Mage USA M, 23 March 2005 Agnostic or Atheist – Haven’t Decided
Sabih Bob Pakistan M, 20 1990 Atheist
Ameir Beeruz Iran M, 19 2000 Agnostic @
Omar Canada M,17-20 Since Teenagehood Agnosticism
Abdul-Quddus Canada M, 21-30 2004 Buddhist @, www

* Due to lack of time, new testimonies are not being accepted at this time for publication. If you still want to contact us for an important reason, click here.

Dear Apostates, If you have left Islam and do not want your information listed here, please understand that its very important for apostates to form a group. Nothing agitates a Muslim, as much as seeing a group of people who have left Islam. This is why Mohammed ordered to kill us! He knew we know the truth about Islam, and we would be the ones who could make the lies he was selling to people fall down to the floor like an imaginary sand castle.

If you are afraid of having your real name listed, you can still have your information listed here with a pseudonym (imaginary name).

To contact any apostate, please follow their repective links (if any) to their webpages. If they do not have contact information there as well, they do not wish to make their email public, and in that case please contact us and we will forward your message to them.

About pseudonyms :
The prospect of prosecution is very real for a Muslim who leaves Islam, especially if they are present in a Muslim country, like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Middle East.
According to Sharia, an apostate must be killed. This is given in Sahih Bukhari Hadith.
We do not want to risk death, or have us and our families suffer prosecution.

When a Muslim sees our group:
When a Muslim sees a group of apostates, their reaction will be different according to their personalities and level of involvement in Islam.

a) For a Muslim who is a fundamentalist (and possibly a terrorist, he will be angry to see this group. If hes the terrorist brand, he will seek every way to somehow destroy our presence.

b) For a carefree Muslim, who already doesnt pray 5 times and drinks, and has girlfriends (or boyfriends) etc., he/she will be happy to see us :). Out of these, some will still stay Muslims, and the few brave ones who have strong personal integrity, will join us, because they know that they cannot live in a non-sense system of lies any longer. The more fortunate ones will have left Islam already.

c) The Muslim who is not a terrorist and is a regular citizen, who goes to Friday prayers once in a while, and in trouble recites Quranic ayahs: he will be sad to see the group, and a little angry in his/her stronger mood. Majority of Muslims will belong to this group, however as the group becomes larger and larger, we will start having more and more people from category (2), creating an avalanche effect.

All these reactions are varied and necessary, therefore we must create this presence on the Internet.

To “Nation of Islam” Apostates: Dear friends, thank you for leaving the Nation of Islam. It is certainly a brave step for you to leave NOI since NOI is very similar to Islam in many aspects. However, please note that when we were Muslims, we did not accept Nation of Islam members as true Muslims since some of the beliefs were very different from the average commonly-accepted Islam. For this reason, we believe that True Muslim Apostates are those who left the average widely-accepted Islam. In spite of that, we would be glad to hear from you why you left the Nation of Islam and we’ll include your details on a separate section dedicated to NOI Apostates.